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Woodcock-Johnson IV Tests of Achievement (WJ IV) 

In-Person Administration


This page is only for regular in-person administration.
For remote administration, please see the WJ IV Remote Administration page.

North Carolina § 115C-564 requires annual administration of a nationally-normed test on grammar, reading, spelling, and mathematics achievement.

Cindy Hyde,, is your best option for achievement testing.  She has attended specialized training at Rutgers from the test publisher and provides the best value.  A frequent comment is that "the scores are nice to have, but the consult with Cindy is invaluable!"
Discounts for In-Person (cannot be combined):
The Woodcock Johnson IV is administered primarily orally in a one-on-one environment and meets North Carolina state home-schooling requirements. High scores on the "Broad" interpretive clusters will typically qualify for gifted programs. Prices include consultation with parents to discuss test results and observations during testing and also WJ IV Interpretation & Instructional Interventions Program (WIIIP®), which provides a detailed interpretation of student performance offering research-based interventions and strategies based on an examinee’s scores. WIIIP

Price Approx Time (hr)
Interpretive Clusters
Basic $90
Letter-Word Identification, Applied Problems, Spelling, Passage Comprehension, Calculation, Writing Samples, Sentence Reading Fluency, Math Facts Fluency, Sentence Writing Fluency, Word Reading Fluency Broad Achievement, Brief Achievement, Academic Skills, Reading, Mathematics, Academic Applications, Written Language (grammar), Academic Fluency, Broad Reading, Broad Mathematics, Math Calculation Skills, Broad Written Language, Written Expression, Reading Rate

Additions to Basic

Basic Writing Skills $10 .25 Editing Basic Writing Skills
Phoneme-Grapheme Knowledge $10 .25 Word Attack, Spelling of Sounds Phoneme-Grapheme Knowledge, Basic Reading Skills
Oral Reading $5 .15 Oral Reading
Reading Fluency
Reading Comprehension $20
Reading Recall, Reading Vocabulary
Reading Comprehension
Math Problem Solving
$10 .25
Number Matrices
Math Problem Solving
Academic Knowledge
$20 .5
Science, Social Studies, Humanities
Academic Knowledge
Broad Oral Language
Picture Vocabulary, Oral Comprehension, Sentence Repetition, Understanding Directions, Rapid Picture Naming, Retrieval Fluency
Oral Language, Broad Oral Language, Oral Expression, Listening Comprehension, Speed of Lexical Access
Phonetic Coding
$15 .25
Segmentation, Sound Blending Phonetic Coding

A Dyslexic Report can be generated if the following are administered:

"The assessment of dyslexia requires consideration of many factors beyond standardized test performance, including the student’s developmental and family history, exposure to appropriate classroom instruction, and response to intervention. When used within the context of a comprehensive evaluation, the Dyslexia Report and Dyslexia Checklists can help examiners determine if their client demonstrates the characteristics of dyslexia and then plan interventions accordingly.  The WJ IV Dyslexia Report provides a conceptual framework that organizes WJ IV test results for the purpose of identifying characteristics of dyslexia." (WIIIP® Dyslexia Report Guide, p.4)

Tests administered outside the Asheville-Greenville-Spartanburg area may be subject to a travel fee.

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